Untact vs Connect? Minority Report like digital retail-tainment

Minority report? No… it is a “reality report”. We talk about retail-tainment a lot recently. Events, pop-up stores, free skincare service…. Things are changing rapidly in Seoul, Korea. Already in LTE speed infrastructure, Koreans are connected almost 24/7. The shopping environment is quickly changing.

Meet the new flagship store in Gangnam of CJ Olive Young, Korea’s leading health & beauty store.  Olive Young opened its uber flagship in Gangnam on 30th Sep 2017. The 4 storey-building is a digital paradise.


At the centre of the ground floor, there is the “kiosk” to locate products and category.


Shoppers can browse the store through brand fixtures and gondolas. But also they can quickly check-out on “smart table”. It has a built-in touch screen table which is also connected with products. Customers can scan the product to get detailed information while trying testers.

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Shoppers can also “talk” via interactive chatbot to know better the colors, product category by skin type….

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While the self-service concept is somewhat irrelevant in Korean culture, those machines/apps help shoppers not to feel alone by giving “caring” and “service” to the customers.

The store also has a color matching app to propose the best make-up colors with customers’ selfie. Or find the right foundation color thanks to the machine that has an integrated device to scan the facial colour. The device recommend the best-fitting color to the customers based on the purchase history of their own but also from other shoppers having similar skin color and problems. These types of devices and apps become the virtual beauty advisers.


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Finally, the ‘smart mirror’ features a look like ‘Minority Report’, which recommends adapted skincare product based on the skin condition and age.

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Win at retail becomes much more digital, interactive, playful and customised.  And customers remain “linked” and “connected” to the store at this “UNTACT” environment.

Picture sources : Sports Seoul, Naver, Asiatoday