May the glow be with you. Korean beauty secret.

Korean women are known for their exceptional effort on their beauty routine. They (I mean we) spend more than 12 products daily and are top spenders in beauty products together with Japanese women. Going further, Korea is also ranked top in terms of the plastic/aesthetic surgery (heavy or light treatment combined) in the world! Beauty is achieved with lots of time, effort, research and money. 

Let’s take a look.

Glow, light, flawless skin that reflects transparency…. May the glow be with you! Korean skin is known for its best skin quality (texture, pore size, glow, wrinkles). Time, interest, and good products are needed. The goal : glass-like skin that is transparent, freshly glowing, just like a water glass that breathes transparency, light-reflecting, white, crystalline….

picture here-under : Iyu, a popular singer who is modelling in a The Saem advertisement

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1/flawless bright skin tone, transparent ‘glass’ skin as if no make up on. It is not a very easy task…. Korean women practice religiously 7-10 skin care routine in daily base. I will write on this routine in another posting in detail. Let’s see which products make this miraculously beautiful clean glowing skin : a hydrating toner, a concentrate serum/essence, a tone-up cream and/or a veil of cushion,  a hint of highlighter.


Korean women go light for heavy colors or contouring as we believe a pretty face reflects light, transparency, breathing youth just like a baby’s face. So basically, a hint of blush (or not) + undefined lip (either gradient lip : some of a tint red lipcolor on the centre of the lips while leaving the lip contour blurry), soft beige/indian pink eye shadow to gently accentuate the eye lid,  well defined (rather straight shape) of eye brow, tiny eye line only on top of the eye (skipping the under-eye) would be enough. Here, the most important gesture would be the so-called “Dongan eye brow skill”. “Dongan” means young face. There are thousands of skills and “how-tos” that are published. Here are some of the basic images of how-to published by Cosmopolitan Korea and Singles (Korean leading magazine).


I attach the link which shows how to achieve a glowing healthy natural look of a tipycal Korean 20s-30s. It is called ‘Chongdam (a chic district in Gangnam) style’ to achieve celeb style glow. A girl gets an SMS from his boy friend. She needs to hurry up to arrange her face within record time in order to meet her boy friend with a natural face as if she is naturally pretty, effortlessly. (photo sources : Cosmopolitan and Sigles Korea)

Ssangol – as if nude face

Compare to the contouring make-up that is more to ‘transform’, Korean beauty is all about fresh skin glow, therefore a Korean woman spends average 12 products and 20mn in the morning in front of their beauty mirror. Beauty ideals in may vary from 1 continent to another. Compare Korean faces (following picture taken from News1 of Song Hye Gyo, Korean star actress, picture from News1 Sports) vs a insta star /entrepreneur (Huda’s contouring make-up from her instagram). So the skincare and make-up routines are very different, the textures and benefits are different so as the products… 

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