I’m a black belter!

I am a black belter. Passed my test at Kukkiwon, in Seoul Korea. After 2 years of training, when I got to The headquarter of World Taekwondo Federation in Seoul,

I was excited to achieve the first big step, and yet terrified. But everything went well once I was before the jury. My dear fellows came to support me, which was amazing.

A black belt is not just a pretty belt, it contains 2-3 years of sweats and tears. I continued hard training physically and mentally. I spent hours to perfect ‘poomsae (pattern’. Alao I got injured a few times while trying wood break. One cannot just break by force, one should use the energy and concentrate to have explosive power. We need the ‘force’ to empower and use the focused spirit. That’s why I love so much ‘Star Wars’ films!

(Picture taken at Disney Lamd Paris with a storm trooper:-)

I was tempted numerous time to stop when I had blue or orange belt. But I did not give up. Each time my belt’s colour changes, my aim became higher. Each color change, I tried harder.

I got help from my masters and baby masters. I learned from younger ones and respected their ability. I learned to be more humble and to appreciate ‘me time’ while focusing on pure gestes and learning how to balance the power.

I learned how to fly, how to kick, how to defeat 120kg guys while using the power of the adversary.

It is so much fun to share same passion with good people. Taekwondo helped me overcome difficult times in my life. It only gives me joy. Joy of being me, empowered with greater inner peace.

I developed a pleasurable habit while travelling, to strike pose with beautiful landmarks. (Followings are taken at Etretat, Mt Saint Michel, La Sagrada Familia and Antwerp Grand Place). Pictures are amazingly fun.

I also enjoyed a couple of awards in various competitions. Muju World Taekwondo Championship, Seoul Taekwondo competition etc.

During all these steps, my dear fellows were always there. It is really a team-builder. We enjoy the same passion, sharing the how-to and staying united. They became my dear friends with no professional strings or interest.

My son who started at age 5 is now 2nd dan already! He is so my senior. I do admire him and appreciate having same passion with him.

Not only this journey brought me muscle on my body. It gave me ‘mental muscles’ : discipline, ability to focus, endurance, perseverance and most of all, the ‘force’ to embrace small & big challenges and problems.

Proud to be blackbelter, I achieved the 1st dan. In Taekwondo, the black belt is not an end point, but a starting pount. So I wish to continue this journey over and over.

So, already excited and anxious of getting the 2nd dan!

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