Korean Beauty Hack – Toner Therapy

Toner is not a cleanser, it is a 1st hydrater. In Korea, toner is called “Skin”. In Japan, toner is frequently called “Beauty Water”. It is about the same logic as in Korea. In Korea and Japan, the toner is therefore a first step of moisturizing step. It prepares skin while toning and providing mild hydration to the skin so as to “prepare” skin to get deeper layer of treatment such as serum, milky lotion and functional cream.  In the western countries, the Toner is part of cleansing step as the toner is made to remove residual make-up or any dirt remained on the skin after cleanser. That’s why major Korean and Japanese toners are different (a bit thicker, much more hydrating) than European or American ones.

If we “sneak” into a Korean average girls, the ‘beauty area’ hold a very high importance. In average a Korean girl uses 12.6 skincare products per day. So Korean women are used to invent, create their own beauty routine. The Toner Therapy is made by the users’ word of mouth. it is quick and easy yet efficient solution to adopt every night.

So, among 30 skincare products that stand on the beauty table, this therapy is born. The Skin Toner Therapy!

Let’s take a look on my youtube video. (It is my first video published… 🙂 Please like it on youtube. https://youtu.be/63xfpJY8ljg 

So you can see toner is used more and more commonly in Korea. See how to use a toner as a mild moisturizing mask with a few of cotton pads.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 10.03.28 PM.png


Of course there are some hybrid products just between toner and serum ; more charged than classical toner, less concentrated than classical serum… see the texture of the following product (It is written “Toning Essence”)


So, here’s the TONER THERAPY.

Simple : make your toner the best alley to the basic skin care. This therapy is ideal for sensitive and reactive skin suffering redness and itchiness as many of intense care products may cause some reaction on the skin due to the physiological or environmental factors.


Try the toner therapy right now; it is simple but efficient to deploy immediately!

All you need is a bottle of toner and cotton pads! (for the cotton pads, I use any thing, but recently, I use non-bleached one such as Muji)

1/ Dilute some toner into the badin to rinse the face after cleansing is done

2/ Load of toner! Apply 10times cotton pads which are soaked abundantly by hydrating toner. It is just like (pre-soaked) mild sheet mask.

3/ 1 day 1 mask in the evening, after the toner therapy to give extra treatment.

4/ Use always toners/beauty waters that contain hydrating ingredients (camomile, rose…) and toner/serum-soaked masks

Let’s see what I am using just like other fellow Korean beauty girls….

My favorite goes for  Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner (Moisture) 6.76 Oz/200Ml

La Neige is the leading total beauty brand from Amore Pacific, the No.1 Korean Cosmetic Manufacturer (and Top 10 Worldwide). I have always known Amore Pacific as it started over 60 years ago. So most of the Korean people trust any Amore Pacific products. While

La Neige is known for its BB Cushions and Two Tone Lip Bar,  La Neige’s Water Bank line is its moisturizing winner. Its toner, Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner (Moisture) 6.76 Oz/200Ml , love to use it as its texture is a bit richer than most of toners from major brands. It is refreshing, hydrating, non-dryng. Its fragrance is mild and pleasant. Either I use it just after my cleansing step or as a hydrating mask : here is the tip. I soak 5 cotton pads with this product and leave them on my face for 20minutes or so. It is quick, easy yet very performing. My skin looks more plumping and glowy….

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 9.41.07 PM

In summer time, when you have oily and greasy skin… some annoying pimples pop up constantly… or just when you have your monthly cycle, you just go for a lighter, fresher version.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 9.47.43 PM

For such case, I do recommend to alternate a moisturizing toner and a pore-controlling refreshing toner.

Etude House 10-in-1 House Wonder Pore Freshener, 8.45 Ounce


So Etude House’s Wonder Pore is a hit in Korea specially among teens and troubled skin such as acne, oiliness…. Well, even though I am no more a teenager, I do love this product as I have pimples when I have my monthly “event”. Then I opt this pore controlling toner. It can be itchy like most of alcohol containing products. But I think it is the best one to kick the oiliness and pimples out!!! Besides, it is very affordable (less than 15$) and big size. So I always keep this product just next to my La Neige toner.

Simple and easy. So why not give a try tonight?

Visual sources : Korean Instagram users

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 10.03.28 PM.png