Hanoi beautiful…a delight solo trip

I was tired of planning and of all daily headaches and anxiety, all I needed was to escape and get aired. So on a Wednesday night before the Chinese New Year, I decided to leave to somewhere. So it was pretty much my first time ever "lastminute.com" trip. A totally unplanned trip to Hanoi on [...]

I’m a black belter!

I am a black belter. Passed my test at Kukkiwon, in Seoul Korea. After 2 years of training, when I got to The headquarter of World Taekwondo Federation in Seoul, I was excited to achieve the first big step, and yet terrified. But everything went well once I was before the jury. My dear fellows [...]

Cultural difference vs Fundamental ethics

Having worked over 2 decades, I had good memories as well as lamentable stories with people. Following is part of the latter. Last year, I was shocked by a European Top manager who was working as head of a Regional HQ office of a renowned multinational. I have known him since more than 6 years, [...]