Olive Young Gangnam Flagship Store – Seoul, Korea

I recently visited the famous Beauty Paradise: Olive Young Flagship Store located in Gangnam, Seoul. It is a four-story store As a reminder, Olive Young is owned by CJ Group, and is the No.1 Health & Beauty retailer (64% of market share, over 1000 stores) in South Korea.I wrote a post on this store several [...]

Untact vs Connect? Minority Report like digital retail-tainment

Minority report? No... it is a "reality report". We talk about retail-tainment a lot recently. Events, pop-up stores, free skincare service.... Things are changing rapidly in Seoul, Korea. Already in LTE speed infrastructure, Koreans are connected almost 24/7. The shopping environment is quickly changing. Meet the new flagship store in Gangnam of CJ Olive Young, [...]