Globe-trotter, digital nomad. Free spirit. Born in South Korea. I lived in Gwangju, my home city, worked in Seoul, Paris and Singapore.

Travelled in many Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, most of European countries, Russia and New York. Still many countries to discover….


Cosmetic mania, real beautysta. True Korean Beauty Expert with 2 decades of experience at multinationals such as L’Oreal, Coty…. serious consultant, I have helped many FMCG brands and e-commerce platforms. I have worked in Seoul, Paris and South East Asia. I have been using virtually all products in the market of both skincare and make-up. And I also collect perfumes……

I am trilingual. Korean is my mother tongue. My French is bilingual level. And English as main business and working language. I can read 3000 basic Chinese characters and speak basic Japanese.

I love music, specially 60s, am a retarded Beatlemania. I have full collection of digital and vinyls of The Beatles. I also love 80s-90s pop music. In classic, I admire Mozart, love Bach and like Erik Satie.

I am not a hugely sportive creature, but I adore Taekwondo and Pilates.

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